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Robert van de Geijn and Maggie Myers to launch Massive Open Online Course titled “Linear Algebra—F

9 October 2013—Linear algebra is fundamental to statistics and scientific computation. Applications are typically translated into mathematical equations that invariably involve linear equations. These linear equations are then solved with the fastest computers in the world. Millions of lines of code have been written to solve y=A x and related equations for various applications.

Linear Algebra – Foundations to Frontiers (LAFF) is a MOOC, Massive Open Online Course, being developed by Prof. Robert van de Geijn, Dr. Maggie Myers, and a team of students from The University of Texas at Austin. It will be launched January 15, 2014 by edX, a non-profit created to bring the best of higher education to students around the world.  It is free and you can earn a certificate of completion.

While the course teaches the topics covered by a typical introductory undergraduate linear algebra course, it leverages the connection between abstractions encountered in the theory of linear algebra and the abstractions used to code linear algebra software. It is expected to draw a broad audience including high school students, undergraduates, graduate students, as well as professional seeking to further their understanding of the subject. If you are considering a graduate career in statistics or scientific computation, you need to know this material!

This is an opportunity to learn the subject from some of the most distinguished researchers in the field of linear algebra libraries. Prof. van de Geijn and Dr. Myers are part of a team that recently received a National Science Foundation “Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation (SI2)” grant to revamp the dense linear algebra software stack. This puts them at the frontier of the field and this MOOC will put you there as well.

For more information, visit  Come LAFF with us!

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