Current Graduate Fellows

knubsonKarin Knudson

Department: Mathematics

Degree pursuing: PhD in Mathematics

Background: I received my BA in Mathematics and Religion from Williams College in 2009.  I am currently pursuing my PhD in mathematics. My doctoral work is in computational neuroscience and compressed sensing. I employ Bayesian techniques, as well as tools from compressed sensing, information theory, and signal processing, in analyzing neural data and building models of neural systems and the computations they perform.

no avataranat Moed

Department: HDFS

Degree pursuing: PhD in Child Development

Background: I received my BA in Psychology and Sociology from Ben Gurion University in Israel in 2010, and my MA in Human Development and Family Sciences from UT-Austin in 2013. I am currently pursuing a PhD, focusing on the affective components of parent-child interactions. I am mainly interested in understanding the mechanisms by which problematic parenting undermines children's development and parent-child relationships. I am most familiar with Multi-Level Modeling (MLM), Structural Equations Modeling (SEM), and Sequential Analysis (this is a tough one, though!). I usually use SPSS, HLM, and Mplus, but I'm also familiar with SAS, STATA, and R. 

yishan shenYishan Shen

Department: Human Development and Family Sciences

Degree pursuing: PhD in HDFS

Background: I received my M.A. in HDFS at UT Austin in 2013, and my B.S in Space Physics and in Psychology at Peking University in China in 2011. My research interests center on how family, school, and socio-cultural contexts influence the psychosocial and academic outcomes of racial/ethnic minority youth and children of immigrants. Analytically, I most commonly employ structural equation modeling (SEM) and use SPSS and Mplus to conduct the analyses, but also have some experience with Stata, SAS, HLM, Matlab, and R.

matt websiteMatt Tenan

Department: Kinesiology and Health Education

Degree pursuing: PhD in Movement Science with an emphasis in Neurophysiology

Background: I received my BS in Athletic Training/Exercise Science from Ithaca College and MA in Exercise Physiology from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. I am completing my PhD at the University of Texas-Austin in Movement Science with an emphasis in the Neurophysiology. My doctoral work focuses on the effect of the menstrual cycle on the autonomic and motor nervous systems. I also work for the Army Research Laboratory examining the neurophysiology of Soldier performance. My academic interests range from tracking discharge patterns of a single neuron to determining orthopedic injury rates of the United States population. As such, I utilize a variety of applied statistical methods depending on the data and research questions.

minlexuMinle Xu

Degree pursuing: PhD in Sociology

Background: I received my master degree in Sociology from Purdue University in 2010. I am currently a PhD student in Sociology. My research focuses on the effects of social relationships on health over time and the underlying mechanisms that explain the links between social relationships and health. The statistical methods that I am interested in include Structural Equation Modeling, Multi-level Modeling, and Bayesian Statistics. I usually use STATA, SAS, and Mplus to conduct statistical analyses.

Previous Graduate Fellows

Sally K Amen, MS in Statistics, Department of Mathematics
Neveen F Shafeek Amin
, PhD, Department of Sociology
Yihua Cai
, MS in Statistics, Department of Mathematics
Naveen Eluru, PhD, Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Shujuan Feng, MS in Statistics, Department of Mathematics
Joseph P Frazee, PhD, Department of Linguistics
Seong-Hyeon (Sung) Kim, PhD, Department of Education Psychology
Jeff LaMondia, PhD in Transportation Engineering, Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering
Jing Li, PhD, Department of Sociology
Holly A Monti, PhD, Department of Economics
Aline P Orr, MA, Department of Educational Psychology (Quantitative Methods)
Connor P. Principe, PhD in Developmental Psychology, Department of Psychology
Samuel V. Scarpino, PhD in Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior, Department of Intergrative Biology
Ipek Nese Sener, PhD, Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering
Genevieve K Smith, PhD in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, Department of Integrative Biology
Lindsey J Smith, PhD, Department of Educational Psychology (Quantitative Methods)
Kori J Stroub, PhD, Department of Educational Administration
Radhika Sundar, MS in Statistics, Division of Statistics + Scientific Computation 
Yla Tausczik, PhD, Department of Psychology
Huai-Hsuan Cheryl Tseng, PhD, Department of Educational Psychology
Harini Venkatesan, MS in Statistics, Division of Statistics + Scientific Computation
Dandan Wang, PhD, Department of Educational Psychology (Quantitative Methods)
Melinda R Ward, PhD, Department of Sociology
Sasha M Wolosin, PhD, Department of Psychology
Lisa Yarnell, PhD, Department of Educational Psychology (Quantitative Methods)
Meimeizi Zhu, PhD, Department of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering
Beibei Zou, PhD, Public Policy, LBJ School of Public Affairs